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Offered Subjects

  • 3CO01: Business, Culture and Change in Context
  • 3CO02: Principles of Analytics
  • 3CO03: Core Behaviours for People Professionals
  • 3CO04: Essentials of people Practices
cipd level 3 units

  • 5CO01: Organizational Performance and Culture in Practice
  • 5CO02: Evidence Based practice
  • 5CO03: Professional behaviours and valuing people
  • 5HR01: Employment Relationship Management
  • 5HR02: Talent Management & Workforce Planning
  • 5HR03: Reward for performance & contribution
  • 5LD01: Supporting Self-directed and Social Learning
  • 5LD02: Learning and development design to create value
  • 5LD03: Facilitate Personalised and Performance Focused Learning
  • 5OS01: Specialist Employment Law
  • 5OS02: Advances in Digital Learning and Development
  • 5OS03: Learning and Development Essentials
  • 5OS04: People Management in an International Context
  • 5OS05: Diversity and Inclusion
  • 5OS06: Leadership and Management Development
  • 5OS07: Well-Being at Work
cipd level 5 units

  • 7CO01: Work and Working Lives in a Changing Business Environment
  • 7CO02: People Management and Development Strategies for Performance
  • 7CO03: Personal Effectiveness, Ethics and Business Acumen
  • 7CO04: Business Research in People Practice
  • 7HR01: Strategic Employment Relations
  • 7HR02: Resourcing and Talent Management to Sustain Success
  • 7HR03: Strategic Reward Management
  • 7LD01: Organisational Design and Development
  • 7LD02: Leadership and Management Development in Context
  • 7LD03: Designing Learning to Improve Performance
  • 7OS01: Advanced Employment Law in Practice
  • 7OS02: Learning and Development Practice
  • 7OS03: Technology Enhanced Learning
  • 7OS04: Advanced Diversity and Inclusion
  • 7OS05: Managing People in an International Context
  • 7OS07: Well-Being at Work
cipd level 7 units